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Cold Steel Knives

is a full line knife manufacturer with extensive inventory in many different types of knives as well as swords, tomahawks, throwing knives, hunting knives, folding knives, spears, clubs, shovels and numerous other hand tools. With a focus on quality, style, innovation and brute strength, Cold Steel has developed an excellent line which they claim comprises the "strongest, sharpest knives in the world".
Cold Steel Espada
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Begun in 1980 by Lynn Thompson, Cold Steel came on strong in the knife marketplace and has made an indelible impression upon the industry with its aggressive approach and no nonsense attitude toward knives and promoting them. Driven by its hard charging leader, Lynn Thompson, Cold Steel has developed one of the most extensive product lines of any knife manufacturer. Some of the most successful products have remained in production for many years now, such as the Trailmaster and the Magnum Tanto knives. The Voyager series is a mainstay in the Cold Steel line up which provides a sharp and rugged utility knife for a reasonable price.
Cold Steel Chinese War Sword Cold Steel swords have also gained a sizable foothold and are made to a high standard of quality. Until Cold Steel came along there were few, if any, places to purchase a true, sharpened, battle ready sword for a price the everyday man could afford. The swords offered by Cold Steel are not cheap replicas, good only as a decorative wall hanging. The swords Cold Steel offers will perform exactly as you would expect a real battle sword to do.
Not content to limit himself to cutlery, President Lynn Thompson has also taken the company into various directions related to self-defense and survival which have produced products such as the Sjambok whip, Escrima Stick, throwing stars, pepper spray, battle axe, shovel and many others. The art of self defense is integral to the Cold Steel philosophy and self sufficiency as opposed to dependence on overburdened public systems has always permeated their thinking. In fact, Cold Steel does provide self-defense training based on martial arts and does offer this training through seminars or DVDs.

So confident is Cold Steel in the strength and quality of their knives, they have issued a standing challenge to the rest of the knife industry to prove them wrong. In numerous video demonstrations, Cold Steel depicts their knives undergoing extreme tests of strength, sharpness and edge retention. Some of these tests include knives being punched through automobile hoods or doors, folding knives being used as monkey bars, a severe bending test, endurance cutting with cardboard or manilla rope, free hanging rope slash, hanging hundreds of pounds on a folding knife to test lock strength and most memorable of all, the hanging meat cut.
Taking a look at a few of the Cold Steel knives currently in production will provide a good representation of what this company is about and how they approach knife making. The Trailmaster is an excellent example of what Cold Steel believes is important in a knife. For starters, the blade is 9.5" long and over a quarter of an inch thick (5/16ths). Heavy, no-nonsense use is in view with these dimensions. A 5" contoured handle provides superior grip with a Kraton covering for a rubbery, always tacky grip sensation. The knife has a full cross guard to protect the hand and comes with a Cordura sheath which resembles canvas. This knife has been sold for decades and is a well made, rugged knife which will outperform many knives costing twice as much. The Trailmaster is dependable and finely represents the quality and value of Cold Steel knives. Cold Steel Trail Master
Cold Steel Voyager The Voyager series of knives is a good representation of the success Cold Steel has had in the folding knife market. The Voyager knives have been in production for many years and recently were redesigned to continue to provide high value and quality to the customer. Unlike most knife manufacturers who limit their knives to one blade length, Cold Steel offers the Voyager series in 3 sizes and 3 blade styles. No other production knife maker offers a single model knife bladed in 3", 4" and a 5 1/2" models. The Voyager is also available in 3 unique blade styles: Clip Point, Tanto Point and Vaquero blade style. The Voyager knives are constructed of Grivory handles, Japanese AUS-8 steel and a Tri-Ad lock mechanism which is arguably the strongest, most reliable, low maintenance lock in the knife industry. Excellent as a utility knife, self-defense or all around use, the Voyager provides a lot of knife for the money.
Cold Steel also produces a line of quality knives which provide the consumer a near custom knife experience in a production knife. Examples of these knives are the Espada, Spectre, Caledonian Edge, Gurkha Kukri and Laredo Bowie. All these knives are made with the very best Cold Steel has to offer and represent a "best of the best". The very notion of even creating such a line is not something every knife maker contemplates and as for execution, Cold Steel has many years of experience to rely on as well as relationships with numerous custom knife designers. The final product is a beautiful and extremely well built knife with close tolerances and high quality materials. The price is high, but so is the build quality as well as level of satisfaction one gets from owning of these knives.

Browse the video reviews of these selected Cold Steel knives. Decide which knife or knives will best suit your needs. Once purchased you can rest assured you have a knife that will last a lifetime and provide dependable cutting anytime you need it.

Cold Steel Knives - Reviews and Specifications

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